Kubernetes Objects Map

What is it?

Kubemap presents Kubernetes objects (or resources if you prefer) with relationships and connections between them. This may help people who learn better with diagrams and maps to understand how they interact with each other.

How to use it?

You may want to use zoom in your browser, as currently the map does not support zooming itself. Click on a object to see a page with more details (for some reasons your mouse cursor doesn’t change when you hover over, but it has a proper link).

graph BT; linkStyle default interpolate basis classDef default stroke-width:3px; container["Container(s)"]--run inside-->pod[Pod] style container stroke:#BE41FC; pod--is scaled by-->rs[ReplicaSet] style pod stroke:#BE41FC; rs--enables updates-->deployment[Deployment] style deployment stroke:#141B41; style rs stroke:#141B41; hpa[HorizontalPodAutoscaler]--autoscales-->rs hpa--autoscales-->deployment style hpa stroke:#141B41; pod--is scaled by-->rc[ReplicationController] style rc stroke:#141B41; pod--runs in an orderly fashion-->statefulset[StatefulSet] style statefulset stroke:#141B41; pod--runs on every node by-->ds[DaemonSet] style ds stroke:#141B41; pod--execute a task-->job[Job] style job stroke:#141B41; job--execute a task based on a schedule-->cronjob[CronJob] style cronjob stroke:#141B41; pod--is exposed by-->svc[Service] style svc stroke:#2DF02A; ep[Endpoints]--keeps active ip:port pairs-->svc style ep stroke:#2DF02A; svc--provides info-->ing[Ingress] style ing stroke:#2DF02A; pv[PersistentVolume]-.satisfies.->pvc style pvc stroke:#D12E2E; pvc[PersistentVolumeClaim]--provides persistent storage-->vol style pv stroke:#D12E2E; style vol stroke:#D12E2E; pv--may belongs to single-->sc style sc stroke:#D12E2E; sc[StorageClass]-.dynamically provisions.->pv style sc stroke:#D12E2E; vol[Volume]--mounts data inside as files or dirs-->pod[Pod] configmap[ConfigMap]--exposes as env variables-->pod style configmap stroke:#D12E2E; configmap--exposes as files-->vol secret[Secret]--exposes as env variables-->pod style secret stroke:#D12E2E; secret--exposes as files-->vol click container "https://kubemap.dev/objects/container/" "Click for details" click pod "https://kubemap.dev/objects/pod/" "Click for details" click rs "https://kubemap.dev/objects/replicaset/" "Click for details" click deployment "https://kubemap.dev/objects/deployment/" "Click for details" click statefulset "https://kubemap.dev/objects/statefulset/" "Click for details" click rc "https://kubemap.dev/objects/replicationcontroller/" "Click for details" click job "https://kubemap.dev/objects/job/" "Click for details" click cronjob "https://kubemap.dev/objects/cronjob/" "Click for details" click ds "https://kubemap.dev/objects/daemonset/" "Click for details" click svc "https://kubemap.dev/objects/service/" "Click for details" click ing "https://kubemap.dev/objects/ingress/" "Click for details" click ep "https://kubemap.dev/objects/endpoints/" "Click for details" click vol "https://kubemap.dev/objects/volume/" "Click for details" click secret "https://kubemap.dev/objects/secret/" "Click for details" click configmap "https://kubemap.dev/objects/configmap/" "Click for details" click sc "https://kubemap.dev/objects/storageclass/" "Click for details" click pv "https://kubemap.dev/objects/persistentvolume/" "Click for details" click pvc "https://kubemap.dev/objects/persistentvolumeclaim/" "Click for details"